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Upholsterer | Branko´s Upholstery : PA, Manheim

There are many benefits to investing in furniture upholstery services in Manheim, PA. We help you save money, preserve the furniture you love and it’s better for the environment.

Affordable – When the couch is overly stained, you could buy a new one. However, it’s far more cost-effective to have your quality couch recovered with beautiful new fabric.

Save Antiques – Over time, the fabric on antiques will wear down and fade. It becomes torn, stained or simply worn from use and moths. These antique pieces have wonderful stories to tell and more years of service in them. Save them and preserve them by investing in new upholstery.

Matched Fabric – If you are changing the décor in your home, don’t spend the money on new furniture. Let us put new fabric coverings on that will match your décor and make the pieces look like new.

Keep the Quality – Good quality furniture is hard to find in this era of cheap construction and substandard materials. When you buy a quality piece, you want it to last as long as possible. With our upholstery services, you can keep the quality furniture longer.

Eco-Friendly – The old fabric removed from furniture will break down quickly in a landfill and it takes up less space. There is no doubt that it’s more environmentally friendly to recover furniture than it is to buy a new piece and throw the old one away.

Whether you need commercial or residential services, call on our team to help you by recovering your existing furnishings. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, so call us today at 717-701-7870 to see how we can help you.